Hocus Pocus is a action platform game, with exciting puzzles built into each level’s structure. Hocus is armed with a standard magic spell (he’s not yet a full Wizard, after all), but he can find several potions that give him a temporary boost of magical energy. There are potions that give Hocus the ability to shoot rapidly, jump higher.

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– Hocus Pocus Spielen. Bis zu 5.000 Euro gewinnen. Hocus Pocus ist wirklich ein ansehnlicher Spielautomat, der nicht nur im Echtgeldmodus riesigen Spaß bereitet.Ein paar Demorunden können sicher nicht schaden, denn schließlich glänzt dieses Game allein durch seine frische und moderne Optik.

The dazzling animation in Hocus Pocus delivers unparalleled variety. After every two levels of play, graphics, background, and enemies change completely! Add multiple theme songs and multi-channel sound effects, and you have a game that’s pure delight to.

Abandonware game Hocus Pocus, a platform game released in 1994 by Apogee Software. The game was released for PC personal computers. In the game we play the young adventurer of.

Fun and engaging, the Hocus Focus puzzle requires concentration and eagle-eye observational skills. Two similar drawings are presented, and players are challenged to find the differences. This addictive game is one of our most popular puzzles.

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Hocus Pocus gameplay (PC Game, 1994)Hocus Pocus, Everybody Focus: An SEL Kernels.

– Hocus Pocus, Everybody Focus: An SEL Kernels Brain Game A game of rounds in which students count to ten, say, “hocus pocus, everybody focus,” then, in subsequent rounds, begin replacing numbers with a hand motion.

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Lifestyle The Official Hocus Pocus Drinking Game Be prepared for your night to run a muck.

Also, I just wanted to point out that it’s a wonderful idea to have the scenes accompany the special images in the gallery. I really like it, especially for when games continue for a while. That way, it’s kind of like a refresher when you need a break. Anyways, please continue to work hard on the game. It’d be a waste not to see the final product.

Hocus Pocus is a well-designed game that looks completely different from most other online slots available today. Looking at Hocus Pocus, what it represents is an invitation into a forest where the wizard practices his magic. You will find the reels centre screen with numbers on the right and left. These numbers have different colours that.

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Hocus Pocus is another one of many platform action games published by Apogee. This time you play an apprentice wizard who is trying to earn his pointy-hat, so to speak. Each stage contains several magic crystals that must be collected. When the final one is found, you move on to the next level and as you get further in the game you will eventually impress the other wizards